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.“We’re dealing with darkness out here,” Hatfield said.Tornados knocked cars off a highway and flattened homes in Texas, raising the death toll to 25 as a string of powerful storms wreaked havoc across much of the southern United States. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and Georgia counterpart Nathan also declared states of emergency in counties affected by the weather.A tornado touched down around 6:45 pm in Garland, Texas, city officials said in a statement.Feeding on unseasonably warm air, the storms and tornados have left a trail of destruction in rural communities from Alabama to Illinois.At least eight people were killed as tornados struck parts of the densely populated Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, leaving much of the region in darkness, local officials and media reported.

”No one died, but Gordon said victims were rescued from the LED Lights debris.”The deaths are “believed to be related to vehicles struck by the tornado,” it said, adding that there was also an unconfirmed number of injuries.The Garland fatalities were apparently “blown off the highway by high winds,” Garland police spokesman Mike Hatfield told the newspaper.In Alabama, where Governor Robert Bentley has declared a state of emergency to deal with the heavy flooding, tornadoes on Friday uprooted trees and tore off rooftops, with one touching down in Birmingham, the state’s most populous city.”Three other people were killed in weather-related incidents in Collin County, just north of the metroplex, the newspaper said, citing local police.

The late yesterday tragedy came as millions of residents in the southern United States struggle to recover from fierce storms and heavy flooding. “We have three houses that collapsed. Confined to approximately one square mile,” Birmingham Fire Department Chief Charles Gordon told CNN. “Extensive damage has been reported to vehicles, homes, and apartments in the same area.“Five deaths have been confirmed,” the statement said..The tornados — residents say at least four of them — snapped power cables and knocked over pylons, leaving some 50,000 people in the dark, the Dallas Morning News reported.“The damage was .The Texas fatalities came after 17 people were killed in storm-related incidents since Thursday in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. “All of the street lights and highway lights are out.

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Due to its high prevalence, especially in developing countries like India, it is the duty of the medical fraternity to take care that the work-up of an infertile couple should always include evaluation for tuberculosis irrespective of history or exposure. In the beginning, small nodules of tubercular material deposit on the surface of the tubes.. There is a need to address this aspect extensively as many cases go undetected even today. Bacteria that directly attack the genital organs can make diagnosis difficult especially in the later stages, thereby reducing the chances of conception.TB infection is often serious and can damage the complete fallopian tube."Vaginal discharge, severe pain in the lower abdomen, menstrual irregularities, amenorrhea, heavy bleeding and infertility are some common symptoms of genital TB. About 5 percent to 10 percent of women are prone to this. Pus collects within the tubes, blocking them either completely or partially, resulting in a condition known as hydro salpingitis.

Although infertility is a cause of concern in genital TB, women who undergo timely treatment can still hope to conceive thanks to assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF," she added. It is imperative to understand that women with low immunity need to be extremely particular and undergo regular age-appropriate health checkups. In extreme cases, where there is wholesales Led tube lights factory severe damage to the uterine lining, menstruation can completely cease. Another best advisable test that can be used to diagnose TB is a combination of AFB smear, culture and PCR for tuberculosis. However, a lack of awareness and social stigma associated with TB, makes this difficult.The fact that Genital tuberculosis may be asymptomatic and could often go unrecognized or masquerade as other gynaecological conditions make it all the more necessary for a high degree of vigilance to be in place for proper diagnosis and treatment. Later, the infection invades the tubes, affecting the internal surface of the tubes.

""Treatment should begin as soon as the condition is detected to prevent further complications.Speaking about this, Dr Hrishikesh D Pai, Director IVF & Infertility at Fortis Bloom IVF Center, Delhi/Gurgaon, said, "TB affects the lungs primarily and can be easy to detect.New Delhi: Statistics indicate that about 30 percent of women with any type of TB can develop genital tuberculosis (TB), a condition that is one of the major causes of infertility in women. Genital TB is of two types - primary, where the TB has initiated in the genital tract itself and secondary, where it spreads through the bloodstream to the genital organs following tuberculosis infection anywhere else in the body. This is one of the best ways to diagnose any such infection at an early stage and avoid further complications.Dr Nandita Palshetkar, Director IVF & Infertility at Fortis Bloom IVF Center, Delhi/Gurgaon, further said, "An endometrial biopsy and laparoscopy can help detect whether the fallopian tube has been affected

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Syska Quartet LED bulb is attractively priced at Rs 350 and comes with one year warranty and available across all leading retail outlets and e-commerce stores. It provides the convenience of choosing between four colourful options in one single bulb. The modes Custom Wholesale LED SMD Bulbs Manufacturers of the bulb can be easily changed by simply switching it OFF and ON again.Syska Group, a leading name in the FMEG segment and the pioneers of LED lighting technology, has launched yet another innovative 4 in 1 Quartet LED bulb.Syska LED’s comprehensive list of products includes a variety of bulbs, ceiling lights, spotlights, tube lights, emergency lights, electrical accessories and strip lights.

Available in various shapes, sizes, colour temperate, WATT power and type, these LED lights are crafted to meet global standards and class. Syska Quartet is a multi-coloured bulb which accentuates living spaces with four soothing and colourful light modes.Syska Quartet is a 12W LED bulb with 1200 lumens and is available in three different colours and various modes. All the products are aesthetically designed which provides homes and offices a complete makeover with its fine lighting effects.

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And, so, if you do not get access to enough light in your office, experts believe your mental health can be hampered even before you realise it. For instance, use perforated blinds on glass windows. In fact, imagine yourself in a dark and gloomy room for several hours and the effect that it is going to have upon you.

“Given the fact that lighting atmosphere can have an impact on the individuals’ state of mind and motivation to do assigned tasks, it is extremely necessary that modern-day employers be paying greater attention to lighting design in their offices,” says Prachi Laud, an expert on interior lighting.On a concluding note, Prachi makes a point that lighting that contributes to glare and excessive flicker should be avoided at any cost. She also adds, “If some parts of your office building do not allow entry of natural light, it is wise to opt for a lighting control system, which functions to adjust and regulate artificial light in accordance to the level and intensity of natural light coming in.

”Talking about some tips that one should follow to maintain a luminous space in the office area, Laud, who is also the director of Light Doctor, suggests that, first and foremost, the maximum amount of natural light should be let in at your workspace, as there is nothing more helpful than daylight when it comes to increasing productivity and creativity of employees. The best approach is to deploy what is known as layered lighting, wherein ambient (using recessed lights or sophisticated fixtures) and task lighting (for specific tasks) is prioritised instead of all the light reflecting from ceilings. It reaches a point where you just come home at night to get some rest. She continues,

“In order to accomplish optimal amount of human prosperity, mindfulness, and mental execution during regular official tasks, the lighting system must give adequate levels of luminance, light conveyance and radiant force, as well as the correct shading temperature. Spotlights can be used on staircases to lead the way, large sized pendant lights can be used above the table on the conference rooms, and so on,” is what she proposes. “Always avoid sitting on your own China Horticultural Lighting shadows, and directly below the glare of lights overhead..The amount of lighting in any space makes a substantial difference to a person’s daily life.”The expert feels that each zone of the office requires its unique type of lighting to meet the requirements of the workers. Let alone your home, once you reach office, you end up spending a major portion of the day at workplace

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 So, all winter tours (except the Northern Lights tours) are planned in a way where a majority of the drive happens while it is still dark, so more time can be spent by daylight at the destination.My future plans include a photo exhibition in Chennai in March 2017, in support of wildlife and nature conservation, from my travels around the world. We had a great time going on our Super Jeep tours.

Unfortunately, some Icelandic restaurants still serve whale and puffin meat as tourist attractions. Iceland has a remarkable geography and every area you visit has something spectacular to offer. Since the tourism industry in Iceland has grown exponentially in the past few years, many locals are tour operators or guides. I strongly recommend the free walking tour starting from downtown Reykjavik, to get acquainted with the area quickly.Photographer Pooja Chordia, her sister and brother landed in the China UV lights manufacturers capital city of Iceland, just after a really bad storm. Gulfoss waterfall, Geysir hot springs, waterfalls en route the Black Beach, and the tour around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, are must-dos if you wish to witness the beauty of the country. An active lobby exists to protect and conserve these magnificent animals and it is every tourist’s responsibility to do their part in supporting the cause. And then began a five-day adventureIceland has always been on my bucket list.

It truly is an experience of a lifetime. And not to forget — the Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights). There are quite a few pubs and cafes with good options for food and drinks as well.(As told to Kaavya Pillai). For me, it was a dream come true! If you travel around January, make sure you carry warm clothes in multiple layers and sturdy boots, since a lot of the ground is iced over! A camera with a tripod is a must for photography enthusiasts to get fantastic shots of the colourful skies. But we were in for a pleasant surprise when we found a nice pure-vegetarian restaurant close to where we stayed. When we landed in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, a storm had just passed by — and we knew that exciting days lay ahead of us!Being vegetarians, we didn’t expect too many options. We were even lucky enough to spot a male orca from a new roadway bridge near Grundarfjör ur! The Northern Lights are a fantastic sight to watch, but one has to be patient. I plan to make my second visit to South Africa, in 2017 to volunteer for conservation of elephants and lions.

The locals are friendly and passionate about their country. Being a photographer, it was my dream to capture the beautiful locales of the country. Stay within walking distance of the Hallgrímskirkja and you will not miss a thing.Daylight during winter is only between 10 am and about 3 pm. Of course, I didn’t expect to be there during the winter since I always assumed it would be way too cold.Slippery roads, winds strong enough to push a person over, and face-numbing experiences were some of our memorable moments. Iceland is expensive, so shopping at supermarkets is a prudent option for longer stays

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